Make Space for Blessings (TM)

My strengthening faith in Judaism, combined with my many years of personal organizing experience, have taught me that being organized is not about the stuff.  It is a much deeper, spiritual process.

By removing the clutter from our homes and lives, we create the literal and figurative space that enables us to live by our core values.

Organizing allows us to Make Space for Blessings™


At LGO, we believe that …

A home should be the place where we feel happy, safe, calm, loved, and at peace;

Being organized can play a major role in achieving all that we want in life;

When we start to organize, we start moving around the energy in our homes and in our lives, causing us to examine what works and what no longer serves us;

When we organize, we give ourselves the room to be who we are, to get closer to the people who are most important to us, and to get closer to G-d or our higher power;

When we live by our values, making decisions about what is important to us is easy.  That means we can choose what to put into our lives – people, things, how we spend our time, and how we spend our money.


We help heal the discord.
We create harmony.
We bring a little bit of heaven down to earth.

You Need Let’s Get Organized!